Nerf Teams up with Overwatch to Create the Ultimate Crossover Legend!

This mashup of a perennial classic and the latest gaming sensation is guaranteed to tap into two markets of rabid fans.

In a marketing move that pinballs virtual reality back to the future, Blizzard has teamed up with Hasbro to create and launch Nerf guns inspired by the weapons featured in one of the hottest first-person shooter games on the gaming scene. These cutting-edge models have been constructed following the classic foam-based technology of traditional Nerf guns, but fire small round projectiles instead of the traditional Nerf “bullets”.

Targeted for adults, the Overwatch Nerf Weaponry is part of the new Rivals line of foam shooters, designed for precise, high-performance battles which offer a less extreme alternative to paintball matches.

The following stats will give you the latest overview of what to expect from these exciting new retro-reality Nerf Guns:

  • Launch Date: January 2019
  • Models: three guns will be released – The Reaper’s shotgun, the D.Va’s pistol, and McCree’s signature weapon, a blaster featuring a reactive hammer and a spinning spur. In addition, a mini Overwatch Micro shots series has been confirmed.
  • Rounds: the Reaper’s shotgun has an eight-round capacity, firing at 90ft per second. McCree’s “peacemaker” also fires at 90ft per second. The D.Va’s pistol has a three-round capacity, firing at 80ft per second. Pricing: D.Va’s pistol is retailing at $29.99, McCree’s blaster is $39.99 and Reaper’s shotgun is $129.99 The Microshot series will retail at $9.99
  • Preorder: Available through @GameStop

This highly anticipated partnership has been tantalizing fans since last Spring when a maddeningly brief Overwatch tweet announced that the guns would be released in 2019, sparking an uproar for more information that has been seductively meted out at Industry conventions and through social media ever since.

Nerf versions of the weaponry of Overwatch is a marriage made in nerd heaven: the fan culture has embraced this popular shooter game on a global level, responding to its cartoonish cast of characters and its innate theme of inclusive fun with new characters, maps, and features introduced on a regular basis. Fans love to dress as their favorite character and demand for every accouterment belonging to them has spawned an entire industry’s response, including Hasbro’s Nerf division a tried and true brand in the toy industry for decades.


The Nerf Overwatch precision battling weaponry series is a textbook example of the increasingly popular adult toy market spawned both by the Comicon craze as well as Hipsters’ seemingly unquenchable desire for retro board games and fantasy play that literally jumps out of the virtual reality arena back into tactile, manually manipulative modes that allow their fans to play out their gaming fantasies in “real time”.

At this juncture, the lifespan of potential Nerf gaming mode weaponry appears to have no bounds – much like the merchandise desires of its passionate adult consumers. Stay tuned as the first series makes its launch in a matter of days, making the old adage that “everything old is new again” a statement of fact.

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