Nerf Gun Accessories 2018/2019

The Present and Future of Nerf Precision Weaponry

The following is a comprehensive list of Nerf Gun Accessories, including everything you need for N-Strike and Modulus Ghost Ops as well as perennial favorites like the Vulcan and Mega series’ blasters.


Nerf Rival Face Mask:

Look the part of the ultimate competitor without sacrificing safety with this adjustable and breathable face mask. Comes in red and blue for team battles and is reviewed with five stars for its efficacy at protecting face and eyes in precision battles while offering clean sight lines through a clear screen.


Foonee Ammo Waist Bag and Leg Holster Kit:

This kit includes a waist bag that can be adjusted to a leg holster and two ammo wristers. All are constructed out of black nylon and are sure to add convenience and cred to your battle image. Ammo wristlets are designed to hold N-Strike Elite series darts. Enjoy hands free action with this kit that carries your gun and ammo in one Nerf Gun accessory set!


Uwantme Tactical Vest Kit:

This kit will provide you with an entire wardrobe of battle gear! It comes with an adjustable tactical vest, 2 quick reload clips, one ammo wrister, protective vision goggles, a face tube mask to hide your identity and 20 bullet soft darts. For both the young and the young at heart this kit will costume you in nerf battle style! Reviewers praised the quality for price, versatility and Nerf warrior styling.


Nerf Modulus Ghost Ops Reflective Targeting Kit:

This innovative kit features an adjustable LED sight that illuminates the two reflective targets also included. The sight attaches to the tactical rail of the Nerf Modulus Ghost Ops Evader Blaster, sending out at beam of light when it is powered up.  This upgrade will enable you to sharpen your targeting skills for missions and battles.

Key Features and Specifications: 

  • This kit is part of the Modulus Ghost Ops series, an upgrade system that offers more than a thousand combinations and options
  • With Nerf Gun accessories like this, the only thing stopping your creativity is your ability to imagine the possibilities.


Amosting 100 Piece Refill Darts:

Let’s be honest – the one downfall with Nerf Guns is the paltry amount of ammo that comes with a blaster. This 100-piece refill kit fits Nerf N-Strike Elite blasters, and conveniently and economically fills all your ammo needs! Made of foam with a plastic tip, and positively reviewed as good quality and value for money.

Key Features and Specifications: 

  • . These white glow in the dark bullets will fire with accuracy to ensure hours of uninterrupted stealth battling enjoyment!
  • Also available in colors that coordinate with your blaster, these refill darts keep the party going!


Goshfun Modified 6KG Upgraded Spring For Nerf N-Strike Elite Rough Cut 2 X 4 Blaster:

Upgrade your blasting fun and power with this powerful and durable steel spring. Significantly improves range and velocity for the Rough-Cut Blaster.

Key Features and Specifications: 

  • Please note: There are several more upgrade springs available for other Nerf guns, including the Strike Emitter Blaster, N-Strike Elite Strongarm Blaster, Doomlands 2169 Vagabond Blaster and Converted Zombie Strike Outbreaker Bow Blaster amongst additional models
  • Including these upgrade springs on your Nerf Gun accessory list will ultimately upgrade your performance and battling experience.


Nerf NRF Bandolier Kit:

When you’re ready to up your game in the N-Strike battle, this kit will do the trick. Includes 2 quick reload clips and 24 elite darts as well as a Bandolier strap that enables you to add up to 4 quick reload clips and 12 elite darts to your body armor! These quick reload clips work with all Clip System Blaster. This kit has been positively reviewed for battling, ammo storage, style and quality.


N-Strike Elite Vision Gear:

Safety meets style with this eyewear from Nerf! Safe for even the most intense missions, these glasses will protect your favorite Nerf warrior. Comes with 5 official Nerf Elite darts and fits young and old battlers alike. They even fit over standard eyeglasses and are scratch resistant. The lenses are tinted blue and designed with soft rubber around the sides for added comfort. These glasses are consistently five stars rated for safety and wearability. Truly a must have Nerf Gun accessory!


FenglinTech Electric Scoring Auto Reset Target:

This electric target set is ideal for the N-Strike Elite Series, Mega Series and Rival Series blasters. Includes a powerful built-in gear design that bounces back after 3 seconds, a double-digit LCD scoring system and target with flashing lights and sound effects. This target set can be used as an individual training device or multiplayer competitive target game.


PeleusTech Modified Accessory Kit for Nerf N-Strike Elite Rapidstrike CS-18 Blaster:

Made of durable and attractive ABS material in glossy black that coordinates with most Nerf blasters with round ends, this is the ultimate blaster accessory kit. Includes easy mount scopes, defense shields, flashlight and matching blaster grip.


Nerf Modulus Long Range Upgrade Kit:

Transform your blaster to a weapon fit for the Nerf battlefield! This upgrade kit includes a distance scope for long range precision, a folding bipod for added stability and a long barrel for improved long-distance accuracy. This kit will also work with all blasters that have standard Nerf accessory points, such as the Rapidstrike.


Airsoft Skull Mask:

The ultimate battling full face mask for serious bad-a#$ attitude! No Nerf accessories list would be complete without this TPR and steel mesh protective mask, complete with metal mesh eye shield that doesn’t hinder vision. Do you need this level of protection and intimidation for Nerf precision battling? Maybe not. Do you want it? Absolutely!

Nerf Gun accessories add value, style, power and safety to your precision battling arsenal. As the holidays close in, why not accessorize your favorite Nerf warrior (or your own inner child!) with these Nerf Gun suggestions? One or more of these kits, upgrades, protective masks, eyewear and other nifty Nerf Gun gear is sure to put a smile on any fan’s face!

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