Deadpool Nerf Guns – The Dynamic Duo

Inspired by the Marvel movie hit released in 2016, starring Ryan Reynolds, Nerf launched a pair of custom nerf guns in 2017 and 2018 that caught the fancy of fans the world over. Both guns are custom versions of existing Rival series Nerf Guns, designed in red and black combinations that include tomography exclamations in the style of the movie, capturing its unique spirit and dark humor. The themed art design is carried on in the packaging, which includes graphics inspired by the original Marvel art and even a plastic chimichanga souvenir included with the Kronos XVIII-500.

Deadpool Kronos XVIII-500:

With an official Launch date of November 15, 2017, the Deadpool Kronos XVIII-500 is an internal-magazine-based Nerf Rivals series blaster that can hold up to 5 high impact rounds and is sold as a two-pack dueling set. Included are 10 rounds of high impact ammo, which when shot from the Kronos can travel 90 feet per second! The clever art design of both guns and the packaging include graphic exclamations and “cross-outs” in red pen on the packaging, meant to appear as if the Marvel hero himself had lent a hand to the proceedings.

Deadpool Apollo XV-700:

Launched January 1, 2018, the Deadpool Apollo XV-700 has a spring action cocking mechanism, trigger lock, tactical rail, and ready indicator, also from the Rivals series. It is sold individually and can hold up to 7 high impact rounds, (included) which when fired travels at 100 feet per second. Both the gun and its packaging are themed to the Marvel movie and include red and black graphics evocative of Ryan Reynold’s sardonic anti-hero.

Both of these Nerf guns are a must have for Marvel Comics fans, Deadpool fans, Nerf aficionados and folks who are into fantasy play or Nerf high impact precision battling.

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